A month ago a popular CSS blog asked: "What is your Javascript library of choice?"

Yesterday, after having received more than 1600 answers, he published the results.

The winner is clearly jQuery, with more than 50% of the preferences (actually 52%).

The second library is MooTools with 15% and third comes Prototype with 12%.

As the author of the survey says, the audience of his website is mainly composed by designers, so the results are a bit biased toward jQuery (which has been designed to port the CSS way of thinking into JavaScript development).

But based on the previous JS library surveys I published on my blog I think that jQuery can be considered an overall winner:

  • in the survey about Ajax development in the .NET space, if we exclude the obvious winner which was ASP.NET Ajax, and the specific .NET frameworks, the first library was jQuery.
  • the generic Ajax development one (which has been answered mainly by PHP and Java developers), Prototype was the winner, but followed closely (only 5% less) by jQuery; and I guess that if that survey has been published now, due to the number of tutorial being published about jQuery, the results would have been reversed.
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