Seems like a lot of Italian .NET blogger are making the big step of starting a blog in English: writing in a language that is not the one you use in your everyday life is not easy, but it can be a good way to improve the other language.

After 2 of the founders of, Marco De Sanctis, a friend and active Italian community member started blogging in English on his brand new Subtext blog: CodeMetropolis.

Why an English blog? Well, honestly because I recently realized that I'm reading more English blogs than Italian ones, and that makes me feel as part of a .NET community that spans worldwide. I got so many visitors from abroad and I thought that the time has come for me to dive into a new challenging experience.

I'm going to talk about Software Design and Programming (which are both my everyday's bread and a great passion): some NHibernate, some WPF, some ASP.NET, some WCF and so on...! Let's see what happens!

You might already know Marco because he is the one that developed Blog Commander, a tool to bulk manage categories and tags of a blog.

So, let's welcome Marco and wish him good luck for this new experience.

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