Last week Craig Shoemaker published the 50th show of this great Polymorphic Podcast: ASP.NET MVC Resources.

Around 4:15 he says hello to me and thanks me for pointing him to some resources, and doing so he is the first English speaking person I know that pronounced my name and also also my surname right.

I lived in a English speaking country for 8 months and it was frustrating to never hear my name pronounced correctly even after I put an audio file pronouncing it the Italian way (JB almost got it during my video interview), so it's great to hear someone who never met me to do it right.

So, if you are wondering how Simone Chiaretta is pronounced, just listen to the podcast, or to the MP3 file I put on my blog last year.

And again, thank you Craig for mentioning me in the podcast and including my two articles among the 47 resources.