As you might have noticed, a few days ago I added to my sidebar an ad space. The reason for the ad is that I joined the Lounge, an advertisement network on the .NET space with quite a few famous bloggers. I'm not in the same with them, since I don't have the same audience and influence, but in another room, the .NET small publisher room, together with Subtext mate and new MVP Steve Harman, "ASP.NET MVC in Action" co-author and CodeCampServer key contributor Ben Scheirman and a few more.

When James Avery says:

Simone Chiaretta is one of the developers of Subtext and a great blogger, I think I have the entire Subtext team on The Lounge now.

He is right. The 3 key developers of Subtext are now in The Lounge (Steve, Phil and I).