One thing that is wrong with the ASP.NET MVC framework is the name: ASP.NET MVC Framework is too long, it's composed by 4 words, and so not easily usable as "tag".

Usually social sites have problems when dealing with multi-word tags:

  • some split them in more tags: ASP.NET MVC becomes ASP.NET and MVC
  • other needs you to enter them with a + between the words: ASP.NET+MVC
  • yet another behavior is using the underscore: ASP.NET_MVC

Given all these different behaviors people tag posts, articles and whatever else related to that topic with many creative different tags. I saw using (and I also used myself):

  • MVC
  • aspnetmvc
  • and so on

My opinion is that the best tag is "aspnetmvc" since it's just one word, and uniquely identify the topic (while mvc could refer also to other kind of mvc framework like RoR or MonoRail).

So, whether you are tagging someone else contents, or writing your own content, please tag it with "aspnetmvc".

Furthermore using this tag when adding a bookmark to it will help build the list of all the resources on the topic that Jeffrey Palermo started to build:

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