Today a new psychological condition is born: Pre Mix Envy.

A new condition for developers who want to be in Vegas but can't.

It was coined by Chris Hayuk, a British .NET developer and Silverlight blogger that can't go to the MIX08 event that is starting in a week in Las Vegas.

I would have been to the event as well, and hear from the mouth of ScottGu all the cool announcements that they are going to make (ASP.NET MVC vNext, Silverlight 2.0, IIS7, IE8 and so on), but I guess I'll have to stay up at night and watch the webcast of the event, and then attend the ReMIX event if they are going to make one as they did last year in Italy. Maybe next year...

Can I write a speculation?
They will announce the release of the Expression Studio for Mac. Well... maybe more an hope than a real possibility.