Yesterday I noticed on Jeffrey's blog that the book he is writing on the ASP.NET MVC framework is available now as Early Access Program.

At the moment the first 4 chapters (first as in first to be written, not first as in the order of the chapters) are available for download (not free, you have to pay for the Early Access, but you will get the book as well, once it is published):

  • Chapter 1 - Getting Started: a nice introduction on the MVC framework (this chapter is free for everyone)
  • Chapter 2 - The Model in depth: quite self explanatory, it's about the M in the MVC
  • Chapter 3 - The Controller in depth: this is more interesting, since the C in the MVC is quite a new concept for people used to "standard" webforms
  • Chapter 5 - Customizing routes: how to design the URI namespace of your application, so that it is SEO friendly, hackable and restful

The books is still full of notes, empty code samples areas, but I guess that reading about the ASP.NET MVC framework from one of the guys that helped shaping it is valuable even if I've to deal with errors and missing code samples.

The book will ship in October 2008 so probably many of the code samples and maybe also some explanations are going to be modified with next iterations of framework, probably starting from the one that will be available at the MIX.

Jeffrey is also building an application to support the samples of the book: CodeCamp Server.

PS: the TOC available on the site is not correct: Chapter 5 is about customizing routes, not about customizing/extending the framework

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