Even if the Italian edition of the Silverlight INETA challenge was closed for lack of participants I still managed to submit my small Silverlight application: Marcin Celej, the organizer of the Polish edition, invited me to take part in his country's edition, and Jose Luis Latorre, the organizer of the continental competition was very kind to allow this exception to the nationality rule. So I submitted my "proof of concept" to the Polish competition.

Unlike Italy, France and the other so-called Western European countries which showed no or very few participants, the Eastern European countries had a lot of submissions. In Poland there were 15 projects submitted.

The Polish jury installed all the applications and made them available on the site. When I first saw the list of applications I was impressed by the quality and completeness of the submissions, which is higher than what I expected after looking at the projects submitted in the other national competitions: full fledged RIA applications, mediacenter, graph libraries, nothing my small "proof of concept" will be able to compete with.

Here the my running application, which is a graph based visualization, with interconnection between nodes, with zoom and pan with keyboard navigation and zooming also with the mouse wheel.

I'll not end up in the first 3 positions of the competition, but you can download the code of my application and see how I implemented it: the code is available for download on the competition's site.