Community Credit Hall of Famers are those contributors whose reputation precedes them in the development community. They are developers and technology evangelists who have contributed so substantially that they become among the forces that really help the development community thrive.


I just want to thank David Silverlight (for those who don't know, Microsoft Silverlight is named after him) for including me among the Community Credit members that have been awarded in 2008. And also for the kinds words that he put on the Hall of Fame page.

Simone Chiaretta
Simone has been active in the Development Community in some very unique ways. If you view his profile you will see that he has contributions in over 30 different categories. He is an extremely active blogger, blogging almost on a daily basis. He has also supported Community Credit in some very profound ways, the most notable being the developer of the Community Server Add On for community credit. That contribution is only rivaled by his integration of Community Credit into Subtext. With these integrations, he has helped others to get recognized and truly spread the underlying message of Community Credit.

Now I owe him the development a new version of the Community Server AddOn that works on CS2007 as well.

PS: 7 "famers" out of 17 are from Italy

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