Here is a funny picture I just took off my digital camera: all my ice climbing tools, hanging drying with my clothes


This is also a test of Ecto 3 beta: after my post of yesterday about my thoughts on the applications available on the Mac, I exchanged a few emails with Adriaan Tijsseling, the developer of Ecto, and he was very nice, and immediately released a new build (b20) that fixed the problem with the categories not being downloaded (actually it was a problem in Subtext MetaWeblog API implementation, that is missing the method blogger.getUserInfo). He also pointed me to how to do the tasks I was used to do with WLW in Ecto. And we are also working to have Ecto support Subtext out-of-the-box, not as a "Other" blogging platform.

I guess I decided which blogging application to use on the Mac.

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