It's now a week since I started using my Mac and I wanted to share some random thoughts:

  • The MacBook trackpad... WOW... it's the way trackpad should be: if configured correctly you can right-click, left-click, double-click, drag&drop and scroll (both horizontally and vertically) using only the touch surface, no need to use the only button: the most usable trackpad I ever used
  • I'm trying to use for all my day to day tasks (reading email, browsing, chatting, blogging, reading feeds, editing HTML and text, and so on) native Mac applications, so I've not installed Vista yet. I'd like to use Windows only to run Visual Studio.
  • All the best applications for Mac are commercial ones: TextMate, Transmission xTorrent, Transmit, Ecto, MarsEdit, NetNewsWire, costs all something between 20$ and 50$. Not a lot of money but using Windows I never had to pay to get a text editor (Notepad++ or other dozens of free/oss text editor), a BitTorrent client (uTorrent), a FTP client (SmartFTP), a blogging software (WLW), or a RSS Reader (RSSBandit). I know there are other applications that do the same and are free, but not as good as those ones.
  • Aot many opensource apps for Mac: probably this comes from the fact that people that used a Mac are more willing to pay for supported and commercial applications and less likely to try and spend time trying to figure out how to make an OpenSource app works.
  • The only two blogging applications for OS X (Ecto and MarsEdit) both suck: Ecto 2 is very limited in the tags you can enter, removes the tags he doesn't like (even the ones you add in the HTML view), Ecto 3 beta requires some strange methods to be implemented in the MetaBlogAPI (blogger.getUserInfo or something similar) so the "add blog" operation partially fails and it doesn't retrieve the blog categories, so useless. MarsEdit is not WYSIWYG and doesn't support tags. So, since I've not installed Fusion/Parallels with Vista yet, I think I'll go with TextMate even if it cannot be automated like WLW and is not WYSIWYG, but at least I've full control of the HTML and TextMate is one of the best text editor I've ever used.
  • I tried using Adium as IM client, but it doesn't support Skype, and I never really like multi-protocol clients, so I'm using MSN Messenger, iChat for Gtalk and Skype. Too bad since the icon of this app is awesome
  • iPhoto is just great: you put a card in, it detects the insertion, asks you if you want to import the pics, and automatically creates an event for the pics.

All those thoughts led to a consideration: a OS is as good as the applications that run on it. And the more the apps, the higher, the probability that there is a great app for your needs. This is true for Windows, but a little bit less true for OS X: probably because there are less developers willing to develop on the Mac, and I guess it's because of the horrible Objective-C needed to develop native Mac Apps.

What guys do you think?

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