This might seem a bit old topic, but every time I set up a new machine for developing for windows mobile I always forget where to find the emulator, which one to choose and how to set it up.

Today I found an article which explains everything you need to do to test you mobile applications without using the real device.

First you need to install the latest version of ActiveSync (which, at the time of writing is 4.5) and then install the SDK for the platform of your choice:

The article can be found here: Using the Windows Mobile 5.0 Emulators in Visual Studio 2005 and, as the title says, it's about Windows Mobile 5 and Visual Studio 2005.

If you want to test your applications on the latest version of Windows Mobile 6 the difference is that you have to download the SDK for Windows Mobile 6, keeping mind that the names of the version has changed and that now there are 3 flavors of Windows Mobile:

  • Windows Mobile Standard (which was Windows Mobile for Smartphone)
  • Windows Mobile Classic (which was Windows Mobile for Pocket PC)
  • Windows Mobile Professional (which was Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition)

For the first version you need to download the Standard SDK, while for the other 2 versions you need the Professional SDK.

Both the versions can be downloaded from Microsoft Download site: Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard Software Development Kits Refresh

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