Unveiled by one of the founders, yesterday an ALT.NET group is born in Italy (and I'm among the 5 founding members).

The main objective of the group is to organize OpenSpace meetings, to fosters exchange of experiences with tools and approaches that are not easy to find on the usual user groups. It's something very similar to the Lunches with Geeks organized by Ivan in Wellington, but unfortunately here in Milano it's not possible to gather at lunch time.

What is ALT.NET has already been said many times, so I'll not quote the usual paragraph, but I'll translate here what the ALT.NET philosophy is for Emanuele and Claudio, the 2 initiators of the group:

The ALT.NET philosophy can be seen as the "quest for happiness".

Follow this philosophy means being free to use the tools and approaches that work best, means being agile, means learning new things, means enjoying yourself

The group has a website, and a Yahoo! Group mailing list.

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