Reading what Fowler and Palermo say about organizing an ALT.NET Conference my mind wandered back to the short chats Ivan Porto Carrero is organizing since mid-May at lunch time in Wellington: the Lunch with Geeks.

AltNetConf's are open spaces conferences where DotNetters get together to discuss how to build better .Net software.

They are held every Tuesday at midday at Syn Bar, in Bond Street, and, even if there is a rough topic of the day, they are kind of short OpenSpaces, and the usual topics, thanks to Ivan and the guys from MindScape (which are among the regular attendants), are usually about "alternative way of building better software" no matter the solution is a tool supplied by Microsoft or something more exotic.

I'm not back in Wellington even if someone is trying to push me, so I'll not be able to attend the Lunch, but if you are in Wellington, you are not busy this Tuesday, and you want to build better .NET software, you should definitely go. I went when I was in Wellington, I really liked them. And, furthermore, you can eat a good pizza.