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Silverlight 1.0 has been released tonight, and it will natively support Windows and Mac, and will officially support Linux via a partnership with Novell and Moonlight, which is part of the Mono Project.

Together with Silverlight 1.0 RTM, also the RTM of Expression Encoder has been released.

A lot of MS blogger already blogged about this announcement, here are a few posts where you can get more info:

You can check out the great Silverlight example that is Halo 3 Combat trailer in HD (720p).

And while I'm on this topic, I just found a great 20 parts tutorial by LiquidBoy: it's about the development of an iTunes clone build in Silverlight 1.1, complete with CoverFlow and themes.

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posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2007 9:55 AM

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# re: Silverlight 1.0 goes live, and supports Linux

Left by magomarcelo at 9/5/2007 11:22 PM

looks like the itunes clone has become the best candidate to be the challenge playground in the rich internet application technologies' arena. I've seen implementations on Flash/Flex/Air and Java/JavaFX/JavaWebStart, also AJAX only... but then again the original iTunes IS a RIA application after all...

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