Tomorrow (or today if you are reading it on Friday 3rd August) is not really my last day at work, but it is the last day on my computer in Calcium office in Wellington, so I'll have to delete all private stuff, like cookies, passwords, emails, browser history, chat history and so on.

Someone suggested just to format the disk, but unfortunately I cannot do it because it will be "recycled" by another developer, and I cannot force him to spend one day to install Vista, VS, VS SP1 and all the other tools.

But Scott Hanselman is quitting his job as well, and has the same problem I've. And he posted the checklist he will be following to delete all the private stuff from his PC: The Developer's Quitting Your Job Technology Checklist

I think I'll follow the same checklist. Thanks Scott for this, I'll buy you a beer if we ever meet sometimes, somewhere.

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