I decided to learn Spanish Castellano, and looking for free resources on the Internet I found a very nice way to learn a new language: a podcast.

CoffeeBreakSpanish I already listen to podcasts related to technology and .NET development, but I never thought to a podcast as a way to learn a language.

So I subscribed to CoffeeBreakSpanish, hosted by a Scottish Spanish teacher.

I only listened to the first 3 lessons, but seems to be well paced and also teaching things in a friendly and practical way.

The lessons are only 15 minutes long, so I can listen to two of them when going to and coming back from lunch (Yes, I know, half an hour of walk just to go to lunch is a long time).

For those who are not interested in Spanish, the same site also produces an Italian and a German podcast.

I'd also be interested in learning Catalan, the language spoken in Catalunya, the region of Barcelona, but didn't find any online resource for it. But for now, Adios!