Cima di Cantun North Face Last week I found at a bookshop here in Wellington a book I had been looking for since a few years: Extreme Alpinism: Climbing Fast, Light and High

This book was written by Mark Twight, "Punk Climber" in the '80s, and now President of Grivel North America (for those how are not into mountain climbing, Grivel is one of the best alpine tool factory in the World). And the book is about training for mountain climbing.

I'm reading it now and I just found a sentence that I want to share:

The goal of training for alpine climbing can be summed up in one phrase: to make yourself as indestructible as possible. The harder you are to kill, the longer you will last in the mountains.

Mark Twight is my hero, my inspiration for climbing. He also wrote another book, Kiss or Kill: Confessions of a Serial Climber.

If you are into alpinism or mountain climbing, I really recommend the last book. While the first is a (unusual, very unusual) training manual, the second is the best book about mountain climbing I ever read in my life: this is one of the reasons why I swapped my outdoor activities from sailing and water sports to climbing and mountaineering. And he also suggests a very "inspiring" playlist.

Sunset from Monte Rosa

The two pictures are: Cima di Cantun, North Face and a breathtaking sunset from the Mt. Rosa over all the Valle d'Aosta.