800x600 gran_paradiso

Today the Firefox marketing team released some marketing material to promote the next release of Firefox 3, codename Gran Paradiso, but I think they didn't get the real meaning of the reference to Gran Paradiso.

According to Wikipedia:

"Gran Paradiso" (trans. "Great Paradise"), like other Firefox development names, is an actual place; in this case the highest mountain group in the Graian Alps. With the release of version 3.0 alpha 1 on December 8, 2006, it adopted the "Gran Paradiso" codename.

And also according to all codenames in the history of Firefox, they are all about real places or real parks (and Gran Paradiso is the name of a National park as well).

So somebody should explain that Gran Paradiso is not the name of some city in Sicily, but the name of the highest all-Italian mountain.

Actually the Gran Paradiso translates to "Big Paradise", referring to the fact that there is another small peak nearby.

UPDATE: A comment on the italian version of this same post says that they probably got the inspiration from the hotel Gran Paradiso in Ischia, an island in the gulf of Naples.

PS: the picture of the Gran Paradiso mountain depicts the North Face of it, an north face climb, 1300m of climb, D/D+, 50°-60°