Thomas Freudenberg, an active blogger and CS MVP from Germany, just released a very useful CC.NET publisher task: Twitter publisher.

I joined the Twitter band-wagon more or less one month ago, and I'm using Twitteroo to receive my "friends" notifications on the desktop, so I think it will be a good idea to receive a notification every time a build is triggered on the Subtext build server.

I downloaded the publisher, installed it on Subtext build server, added 2 lines of configuration in the ccnet.config file and in 5 minutes I had the twitter publisher up and running.

After you change the config file remember to restart CC.NET to load the new build publishing task.

Here it is a new build notification on my Twitteroo client:


And on Subtext build twitter page you can see the list of all the builds, or add subtextbuild to the list of your Twitter "friends".