Among the other announcements at the WWDC (and a new slightly different graphics for their site), the most unexpected one was about the release of the new version of Safari for Windows: claimed to render HTML 2 times faster than any other browser, for sure will make life easier for web developer that have to test their work on Safari (even if probably now web developer are already running on OS X).

Here are some screenshots:


Installing Safari

Safari icon on Windows

Safari about window:
running over my CCNET Monitor gadget

CodeClimber running on Safari on Vista

My wife has a Mac and she is running Firefox, and a lot of other people I know say that Safari for Mac is not as good as Firefox. But maybe version 3 is better. Only time will tell.

Scott Hanselman blogged his first impressions about Safari on Windows: I agree that they could have used ClearType instead of reinventing a new font smoothing system on Windows.

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