The guys at Mindscape just started a series of video blog posts: BrainDump. Every now and then they will be interviewing a member of the .NET development community in New Zealand.

Last week they knocked at my door, and I was very pleased to be part of the first episode of their BrainDump, speaking about my involvement with Subtext and my last project, the CCNET monitor gadget for Vista.

Watch the video here:

BrainDump #1 - Simone Chiaretta
(EDIT: they removed the silverlight player, so here is a link to YouTube)

Now I understand how Phil Haack felt when he was interviewed at Mix07.
Being interviewed is not easy at all: you make plans of what you want to say, but as soon as the recording light turns red you forget everything. I apologize to Steve for mentioning Scott Hanselman instead of him... but fortunately I corrected myself immediately.
And also to Phil for placing him in Las Vegas instead of Los Angeles... but you were just got back from Las Vegas when I was interviewed.