The QA department just finished testing the version we were working on, so I'm pleased to announce the official release of Subtext 1.9.5, this time with no codename.

New Features

This version adds a lot of new features, bringing Subtext One Step Closer to my ideal blogging platform. The most interesting new features, IMHO, are:

For a complete release notes refer to the official announcement by Phil : Subtext 1.9.5 Release

Download and Install

Download the latest version, unzip it, override all the files you have on the server, reload any page of the blog and follow the instructions.

If you don't believe it's so easy, read the Upgrading instructions on Subtext website.

PS: Since I mentioned the Linkin Park, their new album (Minutes to Midnight) is due (at the time of writing) in 5611 minutes.

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