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The QA department just finished testing the version we were working on, so I'm pleased to announce the official release of Subtext 1.9.5, this time with no codename.

New Features

This version adds a lot of new features, bringing Subtext One Step Closer to my ideal blogging platform. The most interesting new features, IMHO, are:

For a complete release notes refer to the official announcement by Phil : Subtext 1.9.5 Release

Download and Install

Download the latest version, unzip it, override all the files you have on the server, reload any page of the blog and follow the instructions.

If you don't believe it's so easy, read the Upgrading instructions on Subtext website.

PS: Since I mentioned the Linkin Park, their new album (Minutes to Midnight) is due (at the time of writing) in 5611 minutes.

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posted on Friday, May 11, 2007 9:21 PM

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# re: Subtext 1.9.5 "NoName" is released

Left by Steve Harman at 5/12/2007 2:50 AM

>> no codename

Not true... If you take a look at the Feature Request tracker in SourceForge you'll notice that I code named the 1.9.5 release "Artificial Horizon". It really is a nautical term - used by sailors to help determine their navigation.

I suppose I should have sent out an email or something letting everyone know - but I figured I'd be doing the release announcement so it wasn't a big deal. Oops!

# re: Subtext 1.9.5 "NoName" is released

Left by Simone Chiaretta at 5/12/2007 9:31 AM

I thought "Artificial Horizon" was used in plane navigation, not sailing.
Probably that's the reason why I still don't have a sailing license :)

# Scheduled update tomorrow night (NZST)

Left by CodeClimber at 5/27/2007 11:40 PM

Scheduled update tomorrow night (NZST)

# CodeClimber is now on Subtext 1.9.5

Left by CodeClimber at 5/29/2007 12:20 AM

CodeClimber is now on Subtext 1.9.5

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