Yesterday, after a few weeks not working on Subtext main trunk (busy with the CC.NET Monitor and the testing of the soon-to-be-released 1.9.5 version) I updated my local working folder from the SVN repository.

And as soon as I opened the solution I got errors saying that a project was missing. I removed the project in my local solution, and then VS complained that some file were added to some projects, but were missing on the disk: somebody in the team probably added a new solution and a few files to the project, but only committed the project files, but not the actual code files... an error that also happened to me a few times.

Unfortunately our build server died a few weeks ago, so nobody knew that the build was broken, and nobody fixed it.

Now we all got used to see a red light when something goes wrong that working without a CI process seems to be almost impossible.

I was wondering, how was it possible to work on big teams on big projects without a well defined Continuous Integration process? Or maybe we are all CI addicts and we cannot work with a build server anymore?

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