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UPDATE: The latest version of CC.NET Monitor for Vista Sidebar is v0.9.5: read more about it on the CC.NET Monitor for Vista Sidebar v0.9.5 release notes.

A few days ago I announced the beta phase for version 0.8 of my CC.NET Monitoring gadget, and now I think it's ready for the release.

Project opensourced on Google Code

I also created to host the project on Google Code, so now I've a central repository to store the source code, the files released, the documentation and also a small issue tracking system.

I already added 2 pages on the project wiki:

And I also added the 3 enhancements I've been asked for:

Version 0.8 Released

To have a look at the detailed release notes please read my CC.NET Monitor for Vista vNext post, or you can have a look at the screencast that shows how to add and configure the gadget.

And you can download the latest version from the Google Code project page: ccnetmonitor-0.8.gadget

Please reports any bug or feature request on the new issue tracking page on the Google Code project site

What's next?

As said a few paragraphs above, I'm already working on the new features, and version 0.9 will probably add:

  • force build button
  • automatic scrolling

If you want to be informed about next release, subscribe to my RSS feed.

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posted on Sunday, May 6, 2007 4:46 PM

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# re: CruiseControl.NET Monitoring Gadget for Vista Sidebar 0.8

Left by Derek Knight at 5/7/2007 9:06 AM

Thanks for the CC gadget. I installed it yesterday and it's working well. I had a few problems getting Cruise Control working and have blogged my experiences. I don't know if you ever used Yahoo widgets before Vista. I'm the author of a Yahoo widget to show the status of CC projects.

# re: CruiseControl.NET Monitoring Gadget for Vista Sidebar 0.8

Left by Simone at 5/7/2007 9:49 AM

No, never used Yahoo widget before.
But I think I'm going to develop a version of the gadget that runs on the Mac as soon as I buy one :)

# CC.NET Monitor screencast

Left by CodeClimber at 5/7/2007 2:02 PM

CC.NET Monitor screencast

# re: CruiseControl.NET Monitoring Gadget for Vista Sidebar 0.8

Left by Pierre at 5/25/2007 8:16 PM

Hi Simone,
Which versions of CruiseControl does the gadget work with?
Would love to get it working with my current build server.

# re: CruiseControl.NET Monitoring Gadget for Vista Sidebar 0.8

Left by Simone Chiaretta at 5/25/2007 9:54 PM

Good question,
For sure since 1.1
Don't know about previous versions, tho

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