Nic, an active .NET blogger and developer is leaving Wellington, after his company decided to "to axe 40 jobs in capital" (no, this is not really true, as Nic himself explain).

So he is going to Madison and then taking a sabbatical year (or 2 or 3 or 4 or forever).

I'm a bit sad about that, since Nic is the one that hosted me in his house when I arrived in Wellington back in January, helped me discovering Wellington, helped me when I had problems with my laptop and had to reinstall it, and convinced me to move to a Mac as soon as I get back to Italy. And, most of all, is the only "real" friend I met here in Wellington so far.

So, Nic, as Desmond of LOST used to say: "See you in another lifetime"... or more simply, see you when, during your sabbatical year, you decide to spend a few days in the hot, dump, polluted and wonderful Milano (or, depending on the season, can also be cold or rainy or covered with snow... but always dump and polluted and still wonderful).