UPDATE: the latest version of that gadget is now 0.9.5. Read more on the 0.9.5 release notes.

I just released the new version of my CC.NET Monitor for Vista Sidebar (why is everybody giving such long names to software?): version number 0.7

This version adds the most requested feature: the ability to specify which project to display.

Now in the settings page you can specify the "Display Mode":

  • All projects
  • Only failing projects
  • Only specified projects
  • All but the specified projects

and then there is a text field where the user can specify the projects he wants (or doesn't want) to display (must be a comma separated list of project names).

I also fixed a few other problems:

  • long project names hides the scroll buttons
  • the status of projects sometimes is not updated (due to a problem with IE cache)
  • the settings page always displays the hint value instead of the real value of the dashboard url
  • scroll buttons are "ugly" (ok, not a bug, but now it's looking nicer)

Here are the screenshots of the new version (look at the new scroll buttons):


Of course, here is the link for the new version: CC.NET Monitor for Vista Sidebar 0.7

Thank you to all the users that tried the gadget, tested it and reported bugs and feature requests. If you want some feature or want to report a bug, just write inside the comments.

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