Microsoft communities just released to the world a public beta version of Tagspace:

Tagspace* is a social bookmarking service for software professionals** that encourages sound sleep and sweet dreams by enabling you to be better informed, better connected, and more productive. The more you use Tagspace, the more you'll wonder how you survived for so long in the cramped quarters of your Web browser's Favorites folder.
Source: Introducing Microsoft Tagspace

Is it just another clone or will it really have something more "software professionals oriented" as said by Korby Parnell, a product manager in the Community Technologies Team?

Along with tagspace they also released the other parts of the Community Platform: blogs and forums.

Here are some interesting reads if you want to dig into this new thing:

I had a quick look at what has been released, and TagSpace is the only service that seems to be usable or acceptable by an end-user. But I subscribed to the blogs of some of the member of the team.