Intellisense allows developers to be faster when writing code, and it can be used for almost everything inside Visual Studio, from C# code to general XML formats and CSS. But when writing SQL queries or stored procedures you have to rely only on your memory or on cut&paste.

Today I found a very cool application that enables a sort of Intellisense also when writing SQL queries. And not only in VS, but also inside Query Analyzer, Management Studio, Enterprise Manager and even UltraEdit and EditPlus.

I'm speaking about SQL Prompt by Red-Gate.

ScottGu wrote about a special offer for the old version of SQL Prompt version 2.0 almost an year ago. That version was a free download till September 2006.

But Buster Collings was kind enough to upload the installer on his website.

Of course the new SQL Prompt 3.0 has a lot more features and is also more integrated inside the editors, but since it costs 195$ I think I'll stay with the old 2.0 version