Leonie (Nic 's wife) just gave me the excuse to post some holiday picture: today meme is "Vacation's pictures" (from Create a Connection!)

1) Post a photograph from a favorite vacation

It's hard to tell about a favorite vacation, since all my last vacation with my wife Daniela have been great, so I'll post one from my last vacation, which was last week walking the Queen Charlotte Track.

There are also a lot of other pictures from that short 4 days trek on my wife's flick account.

2) And locate one from a future vacation spot

This is even harder to tell, since still not sure where I'll be in the next 6 months, here in Wellington, or back to Milano, or maybe even somewhere else (Vancouver? Barcellona?). But the most probable future vacations will be: Mount Kilimanjaro peak in August or back to climb for the 2007 RocTrip event in Kalymnos (well, if they do it again this year as they are doing since a few years).



The picture about Kilimanjaro is taken from wikipedia while the one about Kalymnos is taken from my picasaweb photo album on my last trip in Kalymnos last September.