Telligent just released the new Licensing Guide for Community Server 2007.

The new Community Server 2007, new name for the CS v3.0, has a lot of new features. Above all there is a new dynamic theme engine named Chameleon, that makes the development of new skins more easy than with the previous version.

It should also allow non tech person to change the appearance of the site with a sort of WYSIWYG editor for themes.

But is post is not about the new features of CS 3.0, but is about the new licensing (here the complete PDF): basically the free license will enforce only 3 blog, 10 forums and 3 gallery per site

And this limit is in the commercial licenses, too: you can have 10 blogs with the Standard version or 40 with the Professional. Or you can buy upgrades at 100$ per 10 blogs.

What does it mean? The average non-profit group will not be able to have its online community for free.

This is a good news for Subtext, since it will become the only opensource application developed in .NET to allow the creation of multi-blog websites, but a bad news for the .NET community in general: basically with the free edition of CS2007 you will only be able to create a personal blog.

If you want to discuss more about that new licensing model you can do it on the official community server forum.