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Probably not everybody knows that Subtext can automatically notify Community Credits whenever someone posts an entry or an article on his blog.

Thanks to Web API provided by Community Credits avid bloggers can earn point immediately without having to go to the Submit Point page and waiting for the approval of Community Credits moderators.smile_shades

You will receive 500 points for each blog post, and 5000 points for each article (story using ST naming)

This feature exists since version 1.9.0, but it has never been advertised and explained as it should have been smile_regular.

The configuration is very easy: just open the web.config file and locate the settings inside the appsettings section:

<add key="CommCreditEnabled" value="false"/>
<add key="CommCreditAffiliateCode" value="xxxxxxxx"/>
<add key="CommCreditAffiliateKey" value="xxxxxxxx"/>

The first value that you have to change is CommCreditEnabled, and, quite obviously, you have to change it to true.

If you are setting up a personal blog, then AffiliateCode and AffiliateKey are not very important: you can leave the default values that will identify you as user of the SubText Blogging Engine.

If you are setting up a community blog, where different person have different blog, you to register as Community Credit Affiliate and change the Code and Key accordingly to one that you will receive during the affiliation procedure.

Last step, but very important for the correct attribution of points, the email of the blog author (the one specified in the Configure > Options page in Subtext backend) must be the same as the one used to create the account on Community Credit.

PS: Answering to one Vern's comment: unfortunately not doing any rock climbing here in Wellington, not many things to climb on smile_sad

posted on Tuesday, February 6, 2007 8:18 PM

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# re: How to earn Community Credits points using SubText

Left by Dave Frank at 2/7/2007 4:32 AM

Seems like a lot of work for a stuffed yoda and plastic lightsaber...

# re: How to earn Community Credits points using SubText

Left by Simone at 2/7/2007 10:00 AM

Do you mean a lot for the end user to enable that, or for me to have built that feature?
In both, it's the joy of doing it for the community, not for the "stupid prizes" :)

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