Three days ago I deployed Subtext build 72... In the last days I included into the 1.9 branch a few other code changes:
The main addition to the upcoming 1.9.4 release I guess is the SiteMap implementation:
this allow Google and other search engines to easily index a website knowing exactly which are the pages that they must index.
The SiteMap feature was developed by David Vidmar, from Slovenia, so big thanks to him for the help. I think this a very cool feature added to the product.
Here is his announcement and description for the feature: Subtext 1.9.4 - now with sitemap. This post also explains hot to add a sitemap to Google and to Yahoo.

I added the sitemap for my blog to Google this morning, and will do the same to Yahoo in a few minutes.
Let's see if this helps my blog to reach a better rank in both search engines.