Just before Christmas a new version of DotNetNuke has been released.

4.4.0 is the new version number and, unlikely the previous releases, it is not accompanied by a 3.4.0 version: this means that there won't be any more .NET 1.1 compatible DNN release. And, IMHO, who needs new 1.1 compatible releases?

The 4.4 has many new features, mainly concerning performance and scalability improvements.

Here is the the release announcement.

To have a better understanding of which are the new performance improvements I recommend reading the posts that Shaun Walker wrote almost a month ago:

One of the biggest problem I experienced using DNN in an hosting environment is the lack of performance: I hope many of the problem I have can be fixed upgrading to the new version of DNN.

Will keep you posted about my experience with the new version of DNN.