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This afternoon (Italian time) I'll be speaking at small code camp organized by the local user group DotNetMarche in Ancona, Italy.

The name of the meeting is: "Sviluppare applicazioni 'migliori': CruiseControl.NET & NHibernate" (in English "How to build better software: CruiseControl.NET & NHibernate").

Here is the link to the meeting agenda.

My session, titled "CruiseControl.NET in a real world project" will be an brief introduction to Continuous Integration with CruiseControl.NET. Then I'll show what I think are the Best Practices for successfully implementing a CI process on a real world project using as example the "pretty sweet" implementation I did for Subtext.

I'll translate all the PPT slides in English and post them to my blog in a future not too much (hopefully ) far away

posted on Friday, December 15, 2006 10:45 AM

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# re: Speaking about CC.NET and Subtext

Left by Cristiano at 12/17/2006 1:23 AM

Scusate se scrivo in italiano..volevo farti i complimenti per l'incontro di Ancona..ero lì.. molto interessante e utile, per capire tecniche che spesso i mini-programmatori hobbisti, non sanno nemmeno che esistono. GRAZIE

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